Sabtu, 02 April 2016

Developing a Tasting Room Loyalty Program Part 2

By Dr Kathy Kelley--Professor of Horticultural Marketing and Business Management and Dana Ollendyke-- Extension Associate

In our previous post, we discussed what a loyalty program should do for your business--which, simply put, it should help increase your tasting room’s profits! In this post, we will discuss developing an outline for your loyalty program.

A loyalty program rewards program (photo credit: iQoncept/Dollar Photo Club).

The great thing about offering a loyalty program is that customers understand their basic function, as they most likely belong to other programs. Regardless of the type of program you offer, consider these key questions:
  • Your overall goal – what do you hope to achieve?
  • Will charge customers to join the program, limit the number of members, or will enrollment be free?
  • How will customer purchases will be recorded?
  • What questions will you ask members that will help enhance the program and their experience?
  • What purchases will “count” towards loyalty program benefits, what can members redeem points on, and would a program co-developed with a complementary business be perceived as being even more attractive?
  • How you will determine that loyalty has really been established?
  • How and when might need to end the program (and steps for doing so)?
The next post in this series will focus on your overall loyalty program goal.

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