Sabtu, 22 November 2014

Assessing available marketing opportunities

How do you gauge the value of a marketing channel?

Of the roughly $700 billion annual food system value in the U.S., slightly over $100 billion is the farm gate value for all the food farmers produce. The remaining $600 billion covers the processing, packaging, marketing, storage, distribution and transportation between the farm gate and our dinner table. This difference is what excites many farmers about getting closer to the final consumer through value-added and direct-to-consumer farm marketing.

Of course, all this added revenue also comes with added expenses. If we are considering a new revenue generating enterprise it is best if we also consider the potential added costs. The challenges of farm production are many and vary from year to year. When we add the potential issues associated with our also managing the processing, marketing and distribution components of a farm-food business our challenges can increase exponentially.

One method to use for evaluating some of these potential challenges and the associated costs is referred to as “market channel assessment.”  With this method we explore the available market channels we could use as both sources of revenue and expense.

There is an excellent opportunity to enhance your understanding of accessing marketing channels the second week of December.

Penn State Extension is pleased to announce a workshop devoted to enhancing farmers’ knowledge and skills for assessing the potential economic return from the many marketing methods available to them. Those interested in direct-to-consumer sales will learn with industry experts from Pennsylvania and New York.

As we probably recognize, there are many ways to sell direct-to-consumer farm products: farmers’ market, CSA, farm stand, wholesale, direct to institution, online, u-pick, and more. This workshop will help you match the right market mix to your customers, your business goals and your personal skills and resources.

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