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Penn State Extension Farm Executive Workshop: Building Management and Leadership Excellence

Everything we have previously learned about economics and business management must be applied on our farms. From conversations with farmers we believe this is the challenge for today’s farm managers and leaders. The difference in profitability of the top 20% and the bottom 20% of commercial farms continues to grow every year. Even the best and most successful farm businesses have issues.

“The future will always belong to those who see the possibilities
before they become obvious.” Danny Klinefelter

Penn State Extension recognizes that it is necessary to grow your knowledge and understanding of the dynamic management issues impacting the long term viability of your commercial farm. Skills required to adequately address the challenges of incorporating technological and regulatory change, analyzing market shifts, managing personnel and using appropriate fiscal oversight are increasingly complex in any business.

Join us January 13-14, 2015, at the Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center in State College, PA for the Penn State Extension Farm Executive Workshop where you can enhance your management and leadership capacity as you strive to ensure the success of your business.

Most of the farm management education opportunities we have been exposed to teach us what to do. The purpose of this workshop is to broaden our understanding of how to implement what we know we should do. Gaining a sense of being on the right track, along with opportunities for follow-up add to the value of this unique learning event.

This workshop will sharpen your decision-making, leadership and management abilities through small group discussions, interactive sessions and engagement with world class industry professionals. The program curriculum includes a selection of agricultural management topics specifically chosen to address the needs of mid-Atlantic and north east agricultural business executives. As we work towards an ideal solution to the issues in our individual businesses; we grow our management and leadership skills. The concept is to stop treating the symptoms, and start fixing the problem.

The Penn State Extension Farm Executive Workshop will provide:

  • Discussion and exploration of key business management challenges
  • The opportunity to build on your understanding of core business management functions
  • Networking with peers from across our region
  • Discussion and exploration of industry issues with leading thinkers and researchers
  • Enhancement of your ability to lead and manage your business
All sessions emphasize practical insights and practices that grow your capacity to implement classic business management processes. The year’s workshop sessions focus on:

  • Enterprise Budget Use and Analysis
  • Thinking and Acting Strategically
  • Global Perspectives and Ag Policy Implications
  • The Transition from Laborer to Manager to Leader
  • Financial Statements: What can you do for me?
  • Accountability in Family Businesses
We do not offer a guarantee of success. However, we are confident your active participation in this workshop will increase your appreciation of alternative perspectives, and build an understanding of the importance of including appropriate concepts in your farm management conversations.

If you understand that you do not manage a farm, but that you manage a farm business – this workshop is for you.

“The only truly sustainable competitive advantage is the ability
to learn and adapt faster than your competition.” Jack Welsh

The Penn State Extension Farm Executive Workshop is one component of a unique, full-featured learning opportunity. In addition to the two days of sessions in January, you have the chance to participate in an on-farm problem solving experience, and the opportunity to join a regional farm management peer discussion group. This full package is available for those farm managers and leaders that appreciate life-long learning.

Penn State Extension Farm Executive Workshop
Tuesday, January 13 and Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center
State College, PA
Registration opens October 15, 2014
For additional information contact John Berry, 610.391.9840, johnberry@psu.edu
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