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Learning a Little Bit About the PA MarketMaker Partners (part 3)

So far, I've given some background information on 4 of the 9 organizations that have partnered with PA MarketMaker to bring MarketMaker to Pennsylvania and to help their members join the MarketMaker network.  Below, I will describe 2 more of these organizations.

Retail Farm Market Association 

The mission of the Retail Farm Market Association is to benefit members through education, promotion, cooperation, and representation of Pennsylvania Direct to Consumer Agricultural Marketing.

The objectives of the Retail Farm Market Association (PaFarm) are three-fold:

1. Communication.  To facilitate the exchange of ideas and improve communication and linkages among members of the industry in Pennsylvania State and nationally.  To represent and communicate the interests of the industry to government, Cooperative Extension, other agencies and associations, and to the consumer.
2. Education.  Help industry members improve marketing techniques through dissemination of information through industry networks, Cooperative Extension, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and an annual Direct Marketing Conference, and encourage support and direct research and educational programs relating to the direct marketing of farm products.
3. Promotion.  Promote the establishment and expansion of farm direct marketing operations in Pennsylvania.  Encourage and carry out promotional activities to increase consumer awareness of the Pennsylvania farm direct marketing industry.

Membership to PaFarm is free and open to anyone interested in direct-to-consumer farm marketing.  

Fair Food (http://www.fairfoodphilly.org/)  

Fair Food started with the narrow focus of connecting farmers and chefs as a strategy for keeping more farmland in production and now works with a broad range of buyers as well as hundreds of producers, from the small-scale diversified farmer to midsize growers who supply colleges, hospitals, and other institutions.

Over the past ten years, Fair Food has built demand for local food across all sectors of the food system. Along with their partners in the field, their work has created a paradigm shift in the public’s perception about what eating by shining a spotlight on the men and women who grow food.

Fair Food promotes the importance of family farms and creates a year-round marketplace for fresh, local and humane food products in the Greater Philadelphia region. They do so by providing an assortment of programs and services that contribute to a strong and sustainable local food system.

Are you a member of either one of these organizations?  How have they helped you market your products or learn about your industry?

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